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UI/UX Design Analysis

UX is much more than what meets the eye. Thorough understanding of the application is important before consulting on the UX. At Cosire, we work with a specially devised UX strategy. We work on various engagement models in close tandem with the end users, production and development teams. The secret to our success lies in listening closely to our clients, the quality of our research and we ask a lot of questions. We seek user-groups feedback on prototypes before coming out with a win-win UX strategy. Our UX consulting revolves around two things – aesthetics and simplicity. Fact is we don’t just design UI/UX, we humanize it. We provide services like,

Responsive web design

Today, websites are being accessed through multiple devices – phones, tablet, TV, games console, as well as laptops and desktops. Responsive web design ensures that their experience of your brand is the same across these devices, and irrespective of what device a consumer is using to access your content. The buzzword for this is Responsive Web Design (RWD) that saves cost on designing a separate mobile site.

Web portals design

Uniformly designed web portals provide a consistent look and feel, control and access features for multiple applications and databases that might otherwise have been perceived as separate entities. Cosire creates customized web portals for corporate clients that give them uniform, consistent and attractive brand identity.

Web / Desktop application design

We design interfaces that can talk, emote and engage your audience. With our strong focus on design and branding elements, we are able to weave key elements of elegance, creativity and ingenuity into your web application. That said, design is just a tool; a means (great user experiences) to an end and not the end itself. Cosire believes in delivering humanizing interfaces. We have a team of brilliant UI designers, who convert our ideas into HTML. Since most app are also being accessed though mobile devices, we develop the front end in mobile responsive HTML 5.

Mobile application design

At Cosire, we believe that the ultimate media will be mobile media because it’s so close to the user. Wherever he goes, the consumer carries this device with him. We work on mobile interfaces to provide outstanding user experiences (UX). We create UI designs for native mobile applications, including iOS and Android.

Take advantage of our domain expertise in delivering over 300 successful digital products. The time to change is now.

Design for digital media

In today’s world, the web has evolved into one of the fastest growing giant media platform to engage young consumers. As a technology-driven media, it’s also very effective at creating an instant buzz for your brands. Unlike conventional media, advertisements on web can be closely targeted to your identified customer segments. Cosire has a strong portfolio in designing and delivering digital content and digital artwork, such as newsletters, web banners, web-slideshows to communicate your brand more effectively through this futuristic medium.

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